Looking for a family this Lent? Join us!

One practice that we will be observing on Wed's during Lent is prayerful reading of Scripture. Those in worship on Ash Wednesday received a booklet which included readings for our first two weeks (Lent 1 and 2).  If you're looking for a digital version, click here


But what about the weeks that follow? Find the links to a downloadable PDF which includes the readings, prayer of the week and questions to ponder for each week:

Lent 3

Lent 4

Lent 5

Palm Sunday

Easter Sunday 


We hope you'll join us this Lent in your own prayerful reading of Scripture. But we don't have to walk this journey through Lent alone! Another practice that the congregation has been invited this season is intentional midweek conversation (beginning Wed., March 13) so as to grow in our relationship with each other and with Jesus. We'll begin with a meal and fellowship, share highs and lows in groups, ease in with an icebreaker question, and then will have group conversation surrounding the Scripture reading(s) and questions. Youth grades 4 and up are also invited to join the conversation! Youth grades 3 and below will stick around with us for part of the night and then join Patti for their own time.

Interested in joining us and haven't been able to sign up at church? Send an email to Pastor Aleese at pastoraleesebaldwin@gmail.com.

No matter what your journey looks like right now, know that you are welcome to join us in this family of Jesus as we grow in relationship with Jesus and with each other. We are excited to see how the Spirit will move among us during Lent, and look toward the celebration of Christ's resurrection again on Easter. Look back at our website in early April for more inforamtion about our Holy Week services!

Regular Sunday Morning Schedule

Worship: 9:00 a.m.

Fellowship: 10:00 a.m.

Education: 10:30 a.m.


Worship at Shepherd of the Cross

Worship centers this community around the gifts of Christ. We believe that in worship we encounter the living, incarnate God in our midst through Word and Sacrament.  We gather around the table for the gift of Holy Communion weekly as a tangible means of God’s grace given to us.


Generally, worship at Shepherd is best described as “blended.”  Though we follow a traditional order of worship, we are open to many style of music, and often have The Way (our worship team) lead us in songs outside of our designated hymnal.  We are blessed with many musicians in the congregation who help enhance our worship and praise of God!



Communion Practices

At Shepherd, we celebrate open communion of the Lord’s Supper at nearly every worship service and all are welcome to participate. We do not have a specific age in which children begin receiving communion.  Rather, we encourage parents to be attentive to when they believe their child is ready to begin receiving.  Many of our youngest saints in this community receive communion each week! In the mystery of God, we believe that Christ is actually present in, with and under the bread and wine at communion.  All believers in Christ are welcome to join us!


Bring Your Kids to Worship!

We make an investment in the faith life of children by helping families worship together.  You’ll often notice our Sunday School kids helping collect the offering or our high school youth playing with The Way.  Though we do offer activity bags to keep young minds engaged during worship, we encourage families to engage their kids in the very acts of worship.  You may be surprised to see how much they have already caught onto different elements of worship! Don’t worry about your child making a fuss during worship.  We’ve all been there, and our pastor would rather have our families and kids in worship than order an upset child out of the sanctuary!



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